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We all love pie, but make it with ice cream, and BOOM -
Your pie dreams
have come true! 
Courtney’s offers a wide selection of handcrafted premium ice cream pies. Each pie features Nastos homemade ice cream and is crafted to perfection! Courtney adds a spin on all the classic favorites as well as creating endless possibilities of her own.

All pies need 24-48 hours notice in order to be made with the absolute most love.

Pies can serve up to XX slices.

Don’t see what you like? No worries!
Courtney’s can customize any pie to “create your happy".

  • APPLE PIE | Grandma’s favorite! A classic shortbread crust, Vanilla ice cream, homemade apple pie filling, caramel, apple pie spice and vanilla whipped icing.

  • BANANA CREAM | Graham cracker pie crust, Banana cream ice cream, whipped topping, graham crumbles.

  • BANANA NUTELLA | Chocolate crust, Banana ice cream, Nutella, chocolate chips and chocolate whipped cream.

  • BLUEBERRY | Graham cracker pie crust, blueberry ice cream, topped off with fresh blueberries, and whipped icing and Nilla wafers.

  • CHOCOLATE CREAM PIE | Graham cracker pie crust, Chocolate ice cream, fudge and vanilla whipped icing.

  • COOKIEST COOKIE DO’ YO | Chocolate crust, cookie dough ice cream, edible cookie do chunks, chocolate drizzle, homemade chocolate chip cookie topped with vanilla whipped icing.

  • COCONUT CREAM | Graham cracker crust, Coconut ice cream, vanilla whipped icing and toasted coconut.

  • COOKIE MONSTER | Chocolate pie crust, Cookie Monster ice cream, crushed Oreos, edible cookie dough, fudge and chocolate whipped icing.

  • HOLY CANNOLI FUDGE | Chocolate pie crust, Holy Cannoli ice cream, fudge, Cannoli chips, topped with a giant cannoli and vanilla whipped icing.

  • OREO | Oreo pie crust, Cookies n Cream ice cream, fudge, crushed Oreos and vanilla whipped icing.

  • MINT OREO | Oreo crust, Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, Oreo cookies and chocolate whipped icing.

  • PARTY PIE | Oreo pie crust, Vanilla ice cream, M&M’s, crushed Oreos, topped off with rainbow sprinkles and vanilla whipped icing.

  • PEANUT BUTTER LOVERS CUP ( CUSTOMER FAVORITE!) | Chocolate pie crust, Choice of Chocolate or Vanilla peanut butter ice cream, chopped peanut butter cups, drizzle of chocolate sauce and peanut butter sauce.

  • PECAN TURTLE | Graham cracker crust, Butter Pecan ice cream, pecan turtle topping, salted pecans and vanilla whipped icing.

  • PEACH COBBLER | Graham cracker pie crust, Fresh Peach ice cream, peach marmalade, graham crumbles, cinnamon and vanilla whipped icing.

  • MUDSLIDE | Oreo pie crust, Mudslide ice cream, fudge, cookie crunch and topped with crushed oreos chocolate drizzle and chocolate whipped icing.

  • NUTTY NUTELLA | Chocolate pie crust, Rocky Road ice cream, Nutella homemade brownie bites, chopped peanuts, marshmallow drizzle and chocolate whipped icing.

  • REESE’S PIECES, OH MY! |  Chocolate crust, Vanilla ice cream, fudge, chocolate sauce, peanut butter sauce, chopped Reese’s pieces and chocolate whipped icing!

  • TAKE 5 | Chocolate crust, Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel ice cream, fudge, peanut butter sauce topped with chocolate covered pretzels, peanuts, chopped Take 5 candies and chocolate icing.

  • TOASTED SMOREOS | Oreo crust, Cookies n Cream ice cream, marshmallow sauce, graham cracker crumbles, whipped icing. 

  • WILD BERRY | Shortbread crust, Raspberry preserves, black raspberry ice cream, fresh berries and vanilla icing.

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